Hello Venus’ Nara Steps Up Fitness Regime ahead of Group Comeback

2014-10-28 00:35:50 2014-10-28 00:37:40

Talent agency Fantagio has released two photographs of Hello Venus member Nara working out ahead of the girl group’s imminent comeback.


Hello Venus will be returning to the K-pop scene on November 6, and it seems that Nara will be doing her best to ensure that she is looking her best for the group’s upcoming promotional activities.

Nara’s fitness trainer explained, “Her figure is similar to that of a Westerner. She really has great proportions, so photographs of her rarely need to be retouched or edited.”

The trainer also explained that Nara is very much devoted to her fitness regime, adding, “No matter how busy she gets, she never skips out on her daily exercise.”