Dynamic Duo Reveal They Once Performed to an Empty Venue

2014-10-30 08:11:08 2014-10-30 08:11:08

While Dynamic Duo has established itself as one of Korea’s leading hip-hop groups, it appears they went through a less successful period in the past.

During a recent filming of KBS2TV’s “I Am a Man,” Gaeko and Choiza looked back at their debut, and said, “While Dynamic Duo was met with a good response, the response we received when active in the underground scene was not exactly positive.”

Gaeko shared, “It was a one-hour show, but no one showed up,” and Choiza made everyone laugh by saying, “Our team name was ‘King of Destruction’ and our song titles were ‘Rich-poor gap’ and ‘Era of loss.’ We were a hip-hop group that criticized the society.”

“When I was young, I enjoyed wearing snapbacks, but I slowly began losing my cheek fat, and they no longer look good on me. I can’t use them anymore,” Gaeko revealed, to which Choiza added, “After seeing Gaeko, who often wore snapbacks, lose his hair, I stopped using them to avoid becoming like him.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of “I Am a Man” will discuss the differences between rock and hip-hop music.