EPIK HIGH Wins First “M!Countdown” Trophy in 6 Years for “Happen Ending”

2014-10-30 06:23:17 2014-10-30 06:23:17
epik high

Congratulations to Epik High! The hip hop group took this week’s first place trophy for their latest song, “Happen Ending.”

For the October 30 episode of “M!Countdown,” instead of a live show there was a performance highlight special. Epik High may not have performed live but they did record a video message to thank their fans. In the video, Tablo says, “Thank you so much loving this album that we worked so hard on. This is an award we haven’t won in awhile and we will hold it in our hearts. We will work hard to make music that gives people warmth. Thank you.”

Tablo also gave a message of thanks in his personal Instagram. He shared the picture below and wrote, “Thank you to those who gave this first place award we haven’t had in six years. Thank you so much. #Epikhigh #MCountdown.”

epik high