Actor Joo Won Shares His Hopes for Marriage in the Future

2014-11-01 12:07:48 2014-11-01 13:55:20

Actor Joo Won recently opened up about his dreams for his future marriage, revealing his ideal life as a married man.

On the November 1 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment WeeklyJoo Won sat down for an interview with the entertainment news program and discussed his ‘marriage fantasy.’

During the interview, the reporter asked the actor, “Do you have any thoughts on marriage?” In response, Joo Won shared, “I’ve thought [about marriage] since a long time ago. I still have fantasies about marriage.” The reporter then asked him to describe his fantasies, and he would let the actor know the difference between fantasy and reality of marriage life.

Joo Won started off, “I’ll describe the big picture. I wake up in the morning with sunlight shining down on me. When I wake up, my wife is cooking. After I wash up, we have a ‘morning kiss…’” At this point, the reporter cut in and joked, “No, you can’t do that. Your breath will stink.” Joo Won continued, “I wear the clothes that my wife picks out for me, put on sunglasses, head to the garage, and as I drive out…” The reporter stopped him again and playfully told him the reality: “The reality is, she will be sleeping until then. Even when you get back from work, she will be sleeping again,” causing Joo Won to burst into laughter.

However, Joo Won held on to his hopes, saying, “I would still like a picture perfect [marriage life].”