“Quiz to Change the World” Reveals Many Idols Are in Danger of Serious Back Problems

2014-11-01 21:49:57 2014-11-01 21:56:18

On the November 1 episode of the MBC Saturday variety show “Quiz to Change the World,” professor Go Do Il spoke up the physical conditions of current idols. The guests of the show were members of Super Junior (Leeteuk, Zhoumi, Eunhyuk, Kangin), Red Velvet (Irene, Wendy), and miss A (Fei,Jia).

Professor Go Do Il said, “Among Hallyu idols, there are many who are in danger of their spines aging 15 years faster than normal.” He continued, “When they come to get examined, most of them are not in good condition. Even though they are young, their spinal discs are nearly all worn down. These people are in danger of developing spinal stenosis as early as in their 40s.”

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal column that causes pressure on the spinal cord, or narrowing of the openings (called neural foramina) where spinal nerves leave the spinal column.

Go Do Il then performed a brief and superficial diagnosis on some of the guests that were there and found that Leeteuk’s and Eunhyuk’s spines were especially not in good condition. In their cases, not only do they experience back pain, but also neck pain.