SHINee to Hold First-Ever Solo Concert at Tokyo Dome, Preparing to Release New Japanese Single

2014-11-01 19:06:09 2014-11-01 19:06:09

It has been announced that SHINee is gearing up to hold their first-ever solo concert at Tokyo Dome since the group’s debut. In 2015, from March 14-15, SHINee will be standing on stage at Tokyo Dome in Japan for their concert “SHINee WORLD 2014 ~I’m Your Boy~ Special Edition in TOKYO DOME.”

This upcoming concert is said to be a special version of SHINee’s nationwide 20-city, 30-show tour in Japan, which will continue on through December 14. It is especially meaningful for the group, as it will be their very first solo concert since debuting in Japan in 2011. Not only will the members be performing all of the songs included in their latest album, fans will also have the opportunity to watch the performance of a brand new song that the group is preparing to release.

To commemorate their solo concert at Tokyo Dome, SHINee is planning to reveal its 11th Japanese single on March 11 of 2015.

Meanwhile, the group is currently heating up the stage all throughout Japan through its tour “SHINee World 2014 ~I’m Your Boy,” and they will be opening up a concert on November 2 at the Hiroshima Green Arena.
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