Chu Sarang Washes Her Hair on Her Own for the Very First Time on “Superman Returns”

2014-11-02 13:53:45 2014-11-02 13:53:45

Chu Sarang is gaining attention for showing another big step in her growth on KBS’ variety program “Superman Returns.”

On the November 2 broadcast of “Superman Returns,” dad Chu Sung Hoon was amazed to see how much his daughter had grown, as she was able to dress herself and even wash her own hair.

During the episode, Chu Sung Hoon returned home to spend time with Sarang again, after being away for two months to train for his latest UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) match. Cameras showed Sarang washing her hair all on her own without any help. Upon seeing this, Chu Sung Hoon complimented her, saying, “You’re doing well, you’ve grown up so much,” as he was unable to hide his smile at her progress.

After finishing up washing her hair, Sarang dried herself off with a towel and continued to get ready on her own by changing into her clothes as well.

In an interview with producers, Chu Sung Hoon shared his surprise: “During the time that I didn’t see Sarang, she’s grown up a lot—wearing her own clothes and brushing her teeth.”

Watch the clip below!

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