Girl’s Day’s Yura: “If Hong Jong Hyun Asked Me Out in Real Life…?”

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Girl’s Day member Yura honestly shared her thoughts about the possibility of dating her “We Got Married” partner in real life.

On the November 2 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV,” girl group members Yura and Hyeri, who have both been gaining attention through variety shows “We Got Married“ and “Real Men,” appeared to take part in an interview with the entertainment news program.

When asked about her thoughts on appearing on the virtual marriage show, Hyeri revealed, “I also want to go on ‘We Got Married.’ I’m envious [of Yura]. But rather than brother-in-law’s (Hong Jong Hyun) style, I like a more affectionate kind of guy.”

After hearing this, Yura came to her virtual husband’s defense by saying, “No, he’s affectionate. He’s become a lot more affectionate these days.”

The reporter then asked Yura, “What do you think you would do if Hong Jong Hyun actually asked you out in real life?” In response, Yura became flustered and began to laugh before quietly whispering, “It would depend on how he confesses to me. I think I would [say yes] if I really feel that he’s being sincere.”

Would you support this “We Got Married” couple becoming a real life couple?

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