Han Ye Seul Melts the Producer’s Heart with Her Aegyo on “Running Man”

2014-11-02 04:45:38 2014-11-02 04:45:59

Actress Han Ye Seul made hearts flutter as she demonstrated her irresistible aegyo on the latest episode of SBS’ variety show “Running Man.”

Han Ye Seul and her fellow “Birth of a Beauty” stars were guests on the November 2 episode of “Running Man.”

During the show, actor Han Sang Jin revealed the actress’ habits as he said, “Ye Seul usually feels comfortable talking in informal language.”

Hearing this, the “Running Man” members replied, “Let’s talk to Han Ye Seul in an informal manner and befriend her quickly.” The actress immediately switched to informal language, surprising the cast with her relaxed attitude.

Soon, she targeted the producer of the show, and asked, “Director, did you have lunch?” With his heart stolen by Han Ye Seul and her aegyo, the producer quickly hid behind his collar and took his time to recover from the sudden attack.

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