Park Gun Hyung Returns to Filming “Real Men” After Recovering from Neck Disk Injury

2014-11-02 22:29:40 2014-11-02 22:29:40

Actor Park Gun Hyung, who halted all of his activities last month after being diagnosed with a herniated disk, has returned to filming MBC’s “Real Men.”

A representative of his agency, Namoo Actors, revealed to Mydaily on November 3, “Park Gun Hyung joined the filming of ‘Real Men’ that started today. The actor’s strong determination to participate influenced the decision.”

In mid-October, the actor announced he is unable to participate in the encore concert of his musical “Hedwig” and the filming of “Real Men.” After resting and receiving proper treatment, however, his condition has significantly improved, and he has now resumed his activities.

Meanwhile, the members of “Real Men” were joined by soldiers Lee Hyung Joon and BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, who are being considered as new cast members for the show.

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