Lee Jong Suk Gives Park Shin Hye a Piggyback Ride in New “Pinocchio” Stills

2014-11-03 19:34:45 2014-11-03 19:34:45

A new set of stills for SBS’ new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Pinocchio” has been released.

The photos feature the lead couple Dal Po (Lee Jong Suk) and In Ha (Park Shin Hye), and show Dal Po giving In Ha a sweet piggyback ride.

In the first picture, the two are seen walking on a rural road with In Ha struggling to match the pace of Dal Po. Soon, Dal Po squats down and waits for In Ha to reach him, telling her to hop on his back. The final still shows Dal Po grinning happily with In Ha laying on his back, who is trying to hide her shyness as she gently rests her arms around Dal Po’s neck.

In the drama, Dal Po and In Ha become family members following a dramatic incident that takes place in their childhood. The uncle and nephew, who are not related by blood and are of the same age, soon start developing feelings for each other.

The drama will premiere on November 12 at 10 p.m.