New Girl Group Lovelyz Drop Individual Teaser Photos and Pre-Debut Video

2014-11-03 19:24:09 2014-11-04 05:41:18

Talent agency Woolim Entertainment has revealed more images of its new eight-member girl group Lovelyz, as well as a pre-debut teaser video. The group consists of members Baby Soul, Jin, Kei, Soojung, Jisoo, Jiae, Mijoo, and Yeain.

The group had already revealed group teaser images, but individual photographs have now also been uploaded (you can check those out below). Lovelyz is now putting the final touches on the group’s debut preparations. A debut album is slated to drop on November 17, with a pre-release track scheduled for release on November 10.

A spokesperson for the agency said, “This new group has been three years in the making, so we are very confident that they will do well. There are a lot of girl groups out there, so it has been important for us to make sure Lovelyz is a unique act.”

Other acts on the Woolim roster include Infinite and Tasty.