YG Entertainment Confirms iKON’s 4th Official Member to be Koo Jun Hoe!

2014-11-03 08:30:17 2014-11-03 08:37:25

Koo Jun Hoe has been chosen to be the fourth official member to join YG Entertainment’s new group, iKON!

This past October 31, YG Entertainment held a voting period through Mnet’s “Mix & Match” in order to select the remaining four members of iKON, and on November 4, the agency revealed Koo Jun Hoe to be the first of those four.

Following the confirmation of the fourth official member, the fifth and sixth members will also be announced on November 5 and 6. Additionally, on November 6 at 11 p.m., the final broadcast of “Mix & Match” will reveal the last member to join iKON.

Anticipation is rising for fans and viewers, as they are curious to find out the remaining three that will become official members alongside B.I, Bobby, Kim Jin Hwan, and now, Koo Jun Hoe.
koo jun hoeYun Hyeong, Dong Hyuk, Jin Hyeong, Chan Woo, and Hong Seok are still in the running to become a member of iKON. Who do you think the final three members will be?