Luhan Thanks Fans for Their Support on Weibo

2014-11-04 16:10:04 2014-11-04 16:10:04

On November 3 Luhan, former member of EXO, thanked the fans for their support on his Weibo. He posted photos of himself with the caption, “My friends say that I am fun.  See you on January 15.”

In one photo, Luhan calmly poses in a suit with his hair neatly combed down. In the second photo, he shoots a rebellious pose wearing all black with animal prints.

Luhan will be in the movie “Back to 20,” a Chinese remake of the Korean movie, “Miss Granny,” which will be released next year on January 15. This is a romantic comedy in which a grandmother strangely turns into a 20- year-old. Luhan plays the role of her grandson.

The lawsuit he filed last month against SM Entertainment is still in progress.

In regards to his involvement in acting, SM Entertainment commented that his decisions show that higher priority is placed on personal activities rather than on the group and the group’s activities as included in the contract.

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