Park Jin Young: “2PM Is JYP’s Biggest Selling Artist”

2014-11-04 18:04:40 2014-11-04 18:04:40

Park Jin Young (also known as JYP), the head of JYP Entertainment, has revealed that boy band 2PM is the talent agency’s biggest selling act.

In a small meeting with a group of Korean entertainment journalists held on November 4, Park Jin Young was asked if miss A star Suzy was the biggest seller on his label. He responded, “Actually, no. 2PM is the biggest earner. The group is extremely popular in China and Japan.”

The agency chief also answered questions regarding miss A, with journalists keen to ask him when the girl group might be making a comeback. Park Jin Young answered, “Suzy is currently working on a movie project right now, so it will probably be next summer.”

Park Jin Young has achieved success as a music producer, songwriter and a performer in his own right, and has scored hits with songs such as “Kiss.”