Rapper E-Sens Booked on Charges of Marijuana Use Once Again

2014-11-05 12:01:34 2014-11-05 12:02:00
Supreme Team

It is being reported that rapper E-Sens (of disbanded hip-hop duo Supreme Team) has once again been booked without detention on charges of marijuana use.

On November 5, the Gyeonggi Province drug investigation unit arrested five people and detained three others involved in this case. These individuals were caught after illegally importing and distributing 500 grams of marijuana. It is said that one of the arrested, Mr. A, contacted the owner of a website that sells marijuana overseas to buy the illegal substance in order to sell it domestically.

According to the police, E-Sens, along with 27 other college students, was booked without detention for buying a bulk of the marijuana after seeing an advertisement on the website of those who directly smuggled the product into the country.

Although most of the others involved have no prior history with drugs, E-Sens previously ran into trouble with the law in September of 2011. At the time, he tested positive for marijuana use and confessed to smoking the substance several times throughout that year.

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