YG’s New Unit Hi Suhyun Reveals Teaser for Title Track “I’m Different”

2014-11-05 22:37:42 2014-11-05 22:42:38

The year has not ended yet, with YG Entertainment‘s new unit Hi Suhyun making their debut this month. The much-awaited collaboration between the two young artists of YG Entertainment is finally coming to life with the release of the teaser for their title track “I’m Different” featuring iKON‘s Bobby. According to the teaser image, Bobby also participated in the lyric writing for the song, alongside Masta Wu.

YG Entertainment started to tease fans to with the “WHO’S NEXT” teasers first revealed last month. The members included in the unit were revealed one by one, and with the surprise appearance of iKON’s rapper Bobby, anticipation is high for the flavor his rap will add to the sweet but very different voices of Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun.

Hi Suhyun will be revealing their new track and music video for “I’m Different” on November 11 at midnight and will follow up with television promotions.