Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min Have a ‘Backhug Blooper Parade’ on “We Got Married”

2014-11-06 23:51:52 2014-11-06 23:51:52

During the recent filming of “We Got Married,” Namgoong Min was on the set of Hong Jin Young’s new music video, in which he makes an appearance.

Before filming started, Namgoong Min said to Hong Jin Young, “Close your eyes for 30 seconds,” and put a candy in her mouth. “I just wanted to try it,” he said. Hong Jin Young then asked if he wanted to share it, making his face turn red.

During the shoot, Hong Jin Young quickly became a “blooper creator,” unable to hide her smile while Namgoong Min hugged her from behind. Despite the seemingly endless outtakes, the two had constant smiles on their faces, clearly enjoying the filming.

Hong Jin Young said, “I don’t know if it was his heartbeat or mine, but it was pounding.”

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