Lee Jong Suk on His Hair in “Pinocchio”: “It Was Uglier Than I Had Imagined”

2014-11-06 01:34:10 2014-11-06 01:34:10

Recently, a press conference was held for the upcoming SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Pinocchio,” where actors Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Kim Young Kwang, and Lee Yoo Bi were in attendance.

At the event, Lee Jong Suk shared his thoughts on his much-talked-about hair. He said, “In the drama, my hair changes once I become an adult. After wearing the unkempt wig for a long time during shoots, my front hair would start to fall out. It was stressful. And it was uglier than I had imagined. It was a kind of ugly that would not have come out if a handsome actor had taken the role.”

The actor also spoke about his way of speech, saying that he often hears from others that he sounds insincere, but through this drama, he was able to refine his speech. “I think viewers will be able to see a new side of me,” the actor said.

Pinocchio” is a drama that takes place against the background of a newsroom, following the story of a man who is living under a fake name (Lee Jong Suk) and a woman with Pinocchio Syndrome (Park Shin Hye) who is unable to lie. The drama will be a reunion for Lee Jong Suk and director Jo Soo Won, who directed “I Hear Your Voice.” The first episode airs on November 12 at 10 p.m. (KST).

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