Park Bo Young and Lee Kwang Soo in Talks to Appear in New Film Together

2014-11-06 19:06:52 2014-11-06 19:06:52

Park Bo Young and Lee Kwang Soo, known for being good friends, are in talks for meeting on screen in a new film!

The film is called “Mutation” (tentative English title), and is set to be directed by Kwon Oh Kwang, who wrote the script for “Safe,” a film that was awarded the Golden Palm award in the Short Film Competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

According to a report by Star News, Park Bo Young would be playing the only female character in the film. While the role is not very large, she likes the work and the character, and is positively looking it over. The report states that Lee Kwang Soo is also in talks for the film.

TV Report has stated that the two have confirmed for the film, but there has yet to be a statement from the actors’ agencies.

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