Tablo Reveals He Is Against Haru Marrying DJ Tukutz’s Son

2014-11-06 05:47:17 2014-11-06 05:47:17

Epik High‘s Tablo has confessed he has no interest in becoming relatives with DJ Tukutz.

On the November 5 episode of SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment,” the artist talked about his daughter Haru, who appears on KBS2TV’s “Superman Returns” with her father and mother Kang Hye Jung.

“If I walk down the street with Haru, people don’t look up. That is why I’m investing in my shoes,” Tablo revealed, explaining how most of the time people can’t get their eyes off Haru.

Announcer Kim Il Joong asked Tablo and DJ Tukutz, “What do you think about becoming family members if Haru and Yoon Woo get married?” Hearing this, Tablo said, “I truly hope that our relationship ends with our generation,” and made everyone laugh with his honest reply.

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