“War of Words” Park Ji Yoon: “Only Thing Unrealistic about ‘Misaeng’ Is Kang Sora’s Body”

2014-11-06 21:50:19 2014-12-18 00:48:22

On the latest episode of talk show “War of the Words,” the panelists talked in detail about tvN‘s latest hit drama, “Misaeng.”

Talking about the product placement in the drama, the members of “War of the Words” praised how subtle the product placement were, as the items fit into the office setting so naturally.

Examining a specific still from the drama, MC Park Ji Yoon said, “The only thing unnatural about that image is Kang Sora‘s unreal body.” Then Kim Gura commented, “A high-waisted skirt can give that look.” Park Ji Yoon then slyly added, “If you go to work in that kind of outfit, you can’t eat a lot during lunch.”

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