YG’s Latest Unit Hi Suhyun Releases More Teaser Images for “I’m Different”

2014-11-08 09:46:51 2014-11-08 09:46:51

YG Entertainment‘s latest project group Hi Suhyun has released more teaser images featuring the two members Lee Hi and Suhyun of Akdong Musician.

In the individual teaser images, the two members can be seen showing off quite different charms. Lee Hi, dressed all in black with black bunny ears, has a mysterious smile on her face, while Suhyun, in a pink leopard-print cardigan, poses cutely in her teaser image.

Hi Suhyun’s debut single “I’m Different” will be released on November 11 at midnight. Bobby of iKON will be featuring on the song. He also penned the lyrics, along with YG rapper Masta Wu. The song is composed by Rebecca Johnson, a newcomer composer in her early 20’s who was scouted by Yang Hyun Suk himself.

Check out the individual teaser images for Hi Suhyun below!

hi suhyun hi

hi suhyun teaser