GOT7’s Jackson Honestly Opens Up About His Family on “Roommate”

2014-11-09 10:34:26 2014-11-09 10:35:59

GOT7 member Jackson carefully opened up about his hidden inner thoughts regarding his family.

On the November 9 broadcast of SBS’ variety show “Roommate,” during a conversation with some of the other cast members of the show, Jackson spoke personally about his family, especially his mom, for the first time. He started by saying, “Some days, I just think about what it would have been like if I hadn’t come to Korea.”

Jackson continued to share, “I feel so sorry to my mom. My dad, who is a fencing coach, is always staying out of the country, and my older brother is in Australia. My mom is alone at home. My mom also used to work, but now, she doesn’t go anywhere because she’s sick. I haven’t been able to go home for two years,” as his normally bright eyes expressed his honest sad feelings.
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