Rain Files Lawsuit against Former Tenant for Not Removing Waste

2014-11-09 13:40:36 2014-11-09 13:40:36

Rain has filed a lawsuit against a former tenant who did not remove waste at the site of his building.

According to the legal circles, Rain filed a lawsuit on November 7 to get the waste left by a former tenant at his building taken care of.

Rain allegedly reported, “Former tenant ‘A’ leaves around heaves of old clothes and garbage near our construction site. When we told her to remove it, she did not.”

‘A’ is a fashion designer and a former tenant at Rain’s building who has been involved in a series of legal cases with Rain for the last few years.

Rain and A’s conflict started in 2009, where A failed to pay rent. A was eventually evicted from Rain’s building.

However, A filed a lawsuit against Rain, claiming that the walls were leaking and considerably damaging her property. However, the court ruled in Rain’s favor, as they ruled her claim faulty.

A has also sued Rain multiple times afterwards, and she was even fined a fee for protesting publicly at the building.