AOA: “We Hope to Return to our Band Roots after Gaining Dance Recognition”

2014-11-10 18:27:37 2014-11-10 18:27:37

Girl group AOA has revealed that the act still intends to return to its pre-dance music style roots after receiving more recognition.

The group was speaking at a showcase event to promote its new release, the mini album “Like a Cat.”

AOA explained, “We still practice as a band. After we become better-known as a dance group, we hope to return to our band activities.”

The group also added, “Ever since our debut, we have been transformed. We have tried to make material that the public wants from us. Actually, before we became a dance group, we did not get much in the way of recognition. Since becoming a dance act, however, we have gotten a lot more in the way of acknowledgement.”

AOA has also released a music video for the album’s title track, and will begin performing the song on television music shows this week.

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