JYP Entertainment Filing Official Complaint Against Netizen Who Tweeted miss A’s Suzy Should Die

2014-11-11 01:50:33 2014-11-11 03:21:32

On November 11, JYP Entertainment stated to Newsen that the agency will be submitting a complaint to the police against the netizen who tweeted to miss A‘s Suzy that she should die.

This netizen and Suzy made headlines yesterday when Suzy responded to particularly harsh tweets to her that read, “I hope you get into a car crash and die…” and “Be banished from the entertainment world! Get into a car accident and die.” Suzy replied to this Twitter user and said, “I see, you hope that I die.”

JYP Entertainment later stated that its legal team was looking into the situation and today it has announced that it is officially taking action against this netizen. The JYP rep who talked to Newsen stated, “We will not be turning a blind eye.”

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