Kara’s Goo Hara to Make a Surprise Visit to “Roommate”

2014-11-11 23:57:52 2014-11-11 23:57:52

On October 12, reports revealed that Goo Hara made a surprise appearance at the “Roommate” house in Sungbuk-dong in Seoul.

The “Roommate” staff said to TV Daily that Goo Hara went for a surprise visit in the “Roommate” house in order to give support for Kara’s youngest member Heo Youngji, who has been capturing the hearts of many with her sweet smile and cheerful attitude. Heo Youngji has been working endlessly with her fellow Kara members in between concerts in Japan and filming for the variety show despite being the newest member for the veteran girl group.

Meanwhile, this episode of Goo Hara visiting “Roommate” will be shown this coming November 25.