Kim Soo Hyun Photographed while on Vacation in New York

2014-11-11 00:29:43 2014-11-11 00:29:43

The whereabouts of actor Kim Soo Hyun have been revealed.

On November 11, Chinese media outlet iFeng reported that Kim Soo Hyun has been spotted vacationing in New York.

“While vacationing in New York, Kim Soo Hyun was captured on film by one of his fans. The fan shared photos of Kim Soo Hyun wearing a snapback backwards and not hiding his face while taking the subway, as well as a picture that shows him watching a performance by street artists,” the news outlet said, and added, “The fan could have continued to follow Kim Soo Hyun around, but the person did not want to disturb him and decided to give him privacy.”

In the pictures, Kim Soo Hyun is seen wearing a casual outfit as he rides the subway and enjoys his vacation.

Meanwhile, the actor was awarded the Prime Minister Commendation at the 2014 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award.

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