Nine Muses Releases Behind-the-Scenes Photos from bnt International Shoot

2014-11-11 18:02:03 2014-11-11 18:02:03

Star Empire Entertainment, the talent agency that represents girl group Nine Muses, has released behind-the-scenes photographs taken at a recent photo shoot with media outlet bnt International.

Nine Muses 2

The images were released though social network sites, and were accompanied with a caption that read, “The behind-the-scenes shots of Nine Muses are out now! The members took the chance to show off their amazing beauty in the bnt photo shoot.”

Nine Muses 3

Nine Muses has been on something of a musical hiatus since the departure of several members earlier this year. In January, leader Lee Sem and rapper Eunji announced they would be leaving the group, and founding member Sera left Nine Muses in June. Member Kyrungri recently scored a hit with the song “Knock,” a collaboration with Star Empire rookie Sojin and ZE:A member Kevin.

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