EXO Suho’s Father Refutes “Pro-Japanese Sympathizer” Accusations, Requests an Investigation of Defamation

2014-11-12 18:22:20 2014-11-12 18:42:11

The father of EXO member Suho has responded to accusations made by web users who have accused him of being a pro-Japanese sympathizer. Suho’s father is Kim Yong Ha, a professor at a respected Korean university, and has become embroiled in a clash with web users over a proposed change to the pension laws that govern Korean civil servants.

Kim Yong Ha has explained that certain web users have accused him of taking a similar stance to that of the “Chinilpa,” Koreans who collaborated with the Imperial Japanese colonial forces during the Japanese Colonial Period (1910-1945). He also said that web users have called Suho “the son of a collaborator.”

Kim Yong Ha said, “There are some people out there who disagree with proposals to change the law regarding pensions, and some of them are spreading some malicious stories about me. Those stories do not just affect my reputation, they affect my son, too.” According to reports, on November 12, Suho’s father submitted a request to the police for an investigation of defamation.

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