Girl’s Day Star Hyeri Makes “Be Arrogant” Drama Cameo

2014-11-12 01:10:35 2014-11-12 01:10:35

Girl’s Day member Hyeri has made an unexpected appearance in a scene on SBS Plus mini drama “Be Arrogant.”

The November 10 edition (the sixth episode) of the drama, which stars fellow Girl’s Day member Yura, featured Hyeri appearing as herself. She pretends to be a customer who visits an online shopping mall to buy clothes similar to those that the group Girl’s Day has worn on stage.

The fictional online store is run by Yura’s character Hong Ha Ra, as well as Do Ra Hee (played by Shin So Yul). The owners were seen to be happy that they had a customer, as their fledgling business had not been doing so well until that point.

However, it is later revealed in the scene that Hyeri had actually been asked to visit the website and buy clothes by No Chul, the character played by Yoo Min Kyu. No Chul is the current boyfriend of Yura’s character, as well as the ex-boyfriend of Shin So Yul’s character, and Hyeri and No Chul are shown exchanging playful text messages in the scene.