K-Pop Stars Taking the College Entrance Exam This Year

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It’s another year and another day on which over half a million Korean high school seniors take their college scholastic ability test for college admission (CSAT or sooneung).

Those taking the test this year are mostly students born in 1996 or early 1997. Some celebrities taking the sooneung this year are A Pink‘s Hayoung, GOT7‘s Youngjae, B.A.P‘s Zelo, ZEST‘s Dukshin and Choigo, actresses Lee Yeo Reum and Moon Ga Young. Although Hayoung is taking the exam this year, she will defer admission into college in 2015 to focus on her music activities.

AOA‘s Chanmi, Red Velvet‘s Joy, Hello VenusYeoreum, and NC.A are passing on the sooneung this year to focus on their music activities. Akdong Musician‘s Lee Chanhyuk, soloist Lee Hi, and iKON’s B.I, all in YG Entertainment, have not disclosed any information or intentions recently on taking the sooneung this year. In the past, Lee Chanhyuk has stated, “I don’t have any plans to attend college.”

Former “Superstar K4″ contestant Yoo Seung Woo will also be taking the sooneung, as well as waiting for results on his early admission application. A rep from his agency stated that the singer plans to major in Applied Music and in composition. Former “Superstar K5″ contestant  Parc Jae Jung is also taking the exam this year even though he was born in 1995 due to his studies abroad in the United States.

4Minute‘s Kwon Sohyun will not be taking the exam today, having already been admitted to Dongguk University through rolling admission. She will be in the Department of Theater and Film.

Wishing all students good luck on getting into the college they want!

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