Lovelyz Unveils MV Teaser for “Candy Jelly Love”

2014-11-12 10:07:35 2014-11-12 10:07:35

After having a showcase earlier, Woolim Enterainment’s new girl group, Lovelyz has released the teaser for their debut track, “Candy Jelly Love.”

Unlike their pre-released track, “Goodnight Like Yesterday,” “Candy Jelly Love” has is a more upbeat song. The girls are sporting the uniforms they were wearing in the image teasers that Woollim Entertainment released a few days ago.

Woollim Entertainment previously announced that member Seo Ji Soo will be taking a temporary break due to the recent controversy surrounding her. Police investigation is under way which you can read about here.

“GIRLS’ INVASION” will be released on November 17.  You can listen to the songs in the album in the highlight medley that they released here in case you missed it.