Model-Actor Kim Young Kwang Takes Part in ‘Letters of Angels’ Adoption Campaign

2014-11-12 20:51:24 2014-11-12 22:35:12

Following the release of WINNER’s photos, model-actor Kim Young Kwang also recently took part in a photo shoot for the ‘Letters of Angels’ adoption campaign.

Kim Young Kwang participated in the 12th annual photo shoot for photographer Jo Se Hyun’s “Letters of Angels” project. This particular project is known to be a nationwide campaign for the purpose of increasing awareness and helping to spread the importance of adoption.

During the shoot, the model-actor carefully embraced a baby in his arms as he showed off a ‘father’s smile.’ It is said that Kim Young Kwang did well with caring for and holding the baby while posing naturally for the camera.

Aside from Kim Young Kwang and WINNER, other stars who have taken part in this year’s exhibition include Lee Soo Hyuk, Lee Kwang Soo, and more.

Meanwhile, this campaign first began in 2003, and this year, the project decided to focus on single male stars as advocates of adoption. The “Letters of Angels” exhibit is scheduled to open up next month from December 17-23.
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