Recap: “Old Goodbye,” MBC’s Drama Festival Special

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I was one of the many who immediately jumped on the “Old Goodbye” bandwagon when news first broke out that it was due to air this November. Not only was the time travel, fantasy plot interesting, but this drama special is, quite possibly, the only chance we’d ever get to see a true “Fated to Love You” reunion. The staff of “Old Goodbye” involves not only Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, but also Im Hyung Joon, who portrayed half of the Hamo-Hamo duo, Mr. Choi, and Kim Hee Won, the director for “Fated to Love You.”

As such a big fan of the drama, “Old Goodbye” was a gift. The anxiety of waiting for November 10 to roll around gave way to excitement when I was finally able to push that play button. What happened over the next hour was a combination of feelings: happiness at seeing the Jang couple onscreen again, intrigue at the plot, sadness for the theme, and contemplation for the ending.

It was a beautiful one-shot drama, but I was left without words to describe what I was feeling and thinking. There were too many emotions running around at once for me to pinpoint anything in particular. Was I happy to have seen it? Did I enjoy the drama special? I’m still not certain, but I know it struck a chord deep within me. As for everyone else… I’ll let you to decide how much that one hour affected you, but in the meantime, let’s take a journey together in recapping “Old Goodbye.” It’s a long one, but details were an important factor here, which comes as no surprise since Kim Hee Won did such a fabulous job of placing meaningful and seemingly minor details throughout “Fated to Love You” that I would have expected nothing less here.


Old Goodbye_1

A woman (Jang Nara) sits near the edge of a cliff, overlooking the ocean below. Footsteps sound from behind her and a man (Jang Hyuk) slowly approaches. He takes a seat beside her and says he’s been watching her, then asks if she’s here to die. The woman smiles. She replies that she’s here to live and they share a small chuckle. “I’m Kang Soo Hyuk,” he introduces. “I’m Han Chae Hee,” she responds after a moment. He wants to grab a cup of coffee with her, but she asks him to wait a moment before picking up her worn Polaroid camera. She tells him to smile and snaps their photo after a quick count of three.

The light flashes and the scene changes.

Old Goodbye 2

Soo Hyuk wakes up from a nap to find a young boy staring at him. They are familiar with each other since he’s been trying to track down the boy’s father, who owes him money. The boy wants him to fix a robot toy, but Soo Hyuk says that he was having bad dreams, so he’s not in the mood, but when disappointment fills the boy’s face, he relents and goes about repairing the toy. Unbeknownst to them, the boy’s father is secretly peeking at them from outside the front gates.

When he’s not spending time with the boy, Soo Hyuk is with President Ko (Im Hyung Joon) and works for him as a debt collector. He tells Soo Hyuk that he should just work for him instead of wasting his time boxing, but Soo Hyuk only tells him to do his own work instead of calling him to do it every time. President Ko asks if he’s going back to the boy’s house again, then reminds him that he still needs to pay back his debt.

Old Goodbye_3