“Pinocchio” Lee Jong Suk Thinks He Is Prettier Than Park Shin Hye?

2014-11-13 19:07:00 2014-11-13 19:09:22

On October 12, SBS’Night of TV Entertainment” invited the cast of new drama “Pinocchio” – Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Yoo Bi, Kim Young Kwang – for an interview, where they discussed their characters on screen, their chemistry on set, etc.

During the interview, Lee Jong Suk didn’t hold back with his compliments of Park Shin Hye, saying that he thinks she is really pretty. Park Shin Hye responded, “He always puts you in a good mood. He often tells you you’re pretty and that you’re doing well.” She added, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier male actor.”

And it seems Lee Jong Suk thinks the same! The cast participated in a little game with a lie detector machine that zaps your hand if it determines that you are lying. The interviewer asked Lee Jong Suk some yes or no questions, one of which was, “Do you think you are prettier than girls?” After looking a bit distressed, he said no. And was promptly zapped.

The interviewer followed up with a more specific question, asking, “Do you think you are prettier than Park Shin Hye?” With no hesitation and utmost confidence, Lee Jong Suk once again said no. Needless to say, the set erupted in laughter.

If the lie detector in fact works, as Kim Young Kwang later asked after his turn, it revealed that Lee Yoo Bi does feel pressure because her mother, actress Kyeon Mi Ri, watches her acting on television, Park Shin Hye has fantasized about a romance with a stranger in a foreign country, and Kim Young Kwang has been asked out by a fellow celebrity before.

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