“Be Arrogant” Reveals Stills Cuts of Girl’s Day Yura’s Kiss Scene

2014-11-14 19:36:50 2014-11-14 19:58:56

The production team of SBS Plus’ mini drama titled “Be Arrogant” revealed new still cuts of a kiss scene featuring Girl’s Day member Yura and her male co-star.

The stills, which were released on November 14, capture a romantic moment in which characters Hong Hara (played by Yura) and Noh Chul (Yoo Min Kyu) are seen going in for a kiss.

Not only did Yoo Min Kyu’s character lock lips with Yura, he could also be seen sharing a kiss scene with Do Ra Hee (Shin So Yul) in another still cut as well.
be arrogantIt is said that the Yura-Yoo Min Kyu kiss portrays the current couple’s love, while the kiss scene between Yoo Min Kyu and Shin So Yul is a recollection of a past love within the drama’s storyline.

These stills are raising viewers’ curiosity as to how the three characters’ love triangle will progress in upcoming episodes.