Gong Hyo Jin: “I Don’t See the Appeal of Love at First Sight Stories”

2014-11-14 15:53:58 2014-11-14 15:54:18
gong hyo jin

Actress Gong Hyo Jin revealed that she is not interested by love at first sight romance stories, while talking about how she chooses her projects.

At the press conference for her upcoming play “Educating Rita” held on November 14, Gong Hyo Jin said, “Personally, I don’t see the appeal of love at first sight stories, where the characters fall in love at first sight and pursue that love.”

She also added, “If you see my projects so far, I normally had much more screen time than the male lead actor, so the filming was sometimes harder too.”

Gong Hyo Jin’s upcoming play “Educating Rita” is a play by a popular English playwright Willy Russell. Gong Hyo Jin will play the main character, along with Kang Hye Jung.