Kim Kang Woo to Return to Movie Filming After Being Hospitalized for Accidentally Drinking Gasoline

2014-11-14 20:16:25 2014-11-14 20:16:25

It has been reported that actor Kim Kang Woo was recently hospitalized following an accidental happening in which he unknowingly drank gasoline while on the set of his new movie during filming. Fortunately, it is said that there was no major harm to the actor’s body.

On November 14, the production team of the film “Treacherous Subject” revealed, “On November 13, Kim Kang Woo drank gasoline due to the mistake of a producer on set and received treatment at Seoul Ansan Hospital. He was discharged on this night and is currently recovering. Tomorrow (November 15), he is returning to the set.”

The rep also explained, “It is difficult to say the exact cause of the accident. It’s one of the many things that happen during filming. Although he was taken to the emergency room, it wasn’t serious enough for a gastric lavage (washing out of the stomach using a pump).”

Meanwhile, “Treacherous Subject” is a historical film that is scheduled to premiere next year in May.