Lee Hi: “CEO Yang Hyun Suk Tells Me Not to Date Anyone”

2014-11-14 01:47:55 2014-11-14 01:47:55

Solo artist Lee Hi, who just made her comeback as a unit group with Akdong Musician‘s Lee Suhyun and iKON‘s Bobby, has opened up about her dating ban.

On November 14, the singer met up with news outlet MyDaily for an interview. After sharing how lonely she feels during her breaks, Lee Hi was suggested she finds someone special to spend time with.

Hearing this, Lee Hi replied, “Just recently, CEO Yang Hyun Suk allowed Akdong Musician’s Lee Chanhyuk to start dating. However, when I asked ‘What about me?’ I received a negative response. Without giving me the reason, he said ‘If I say you cannot, you cannot.’ Because of that, I could not ask again.”

“Even when I told him I struggle with expressing my emotions while singing, he said, ‘Indirect experience enables you to express a broad range of feelings as well.’ To Lee Suhyun, he said ‘You are still young, so you cannot date, but I’ll give you my permission when you turn 20.’ It appears I am the only one that cannot [date]. Even the length of my dating ban has not been decided,” Lee Hi continued, revealing her persistence in attempting to change the mind of her boss.

Lee Hi is currently promoting “I’m Different” under the unit name HI SUHYUN.

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