Police Reveals that Noh Hong Chul Had Approximately One Bottle of Soju, Did Not Refuse Breathalyzer as Rumored

2014-11-15 12:35:13 2014-11-15 12:35:13

The latest episode of KBS‘ “Section TV” had a close coverage of the recent DUI incident of comedian Noh Hong Chul.

Through a phone call with the show’s producer, the Seoul Police revealed, “[Noh Hong Chul] had about one bottle of soju at the time of the incident.”

They further released, “After the blood test, we found that his blood alcohol level was 0.105%. That is not a light amount. It’s about one bottle of soju.”

It was earlier rumored that Noh Hong Chul has refused the breathalyzer, and had to do a blood test. The police denied this rumor, saying, “He did not refuse. Normally we do two takes of the breathalyzer, and he just refused to do the second one. He volunteered to do the blood test. We can’t make them do blood tests.”

The police further added, “Noh Hong Chul will be getting his license canceled for a year, and a fine of three to five million won.

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