“We Got Married” Song Jae Rim: “I Am Good at Taking Things Off”

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Actor Song Jae Rim has once again entertained the viewers of “We Got Married” with his adults-only jokes.

In the November 15 episode of the MBC variety show, Kim So Eun introduced her virtual husband to the actor group 5urprise members Seo Kang Joon, Yoo Il, and Kang Tae Oh.

The episode also showed the couple having a meal at a seafood restaurant. After receiving their plate filled with seafood, they started to prepare the crab and shrimp. Being the caring husband he is, Song Jae Rim peeled the shrimp for her wife, while Kim So Eun took care of preparing the crab meat.

After peeling a generous amount of shrimp, Song Jae Rim appeared satisfied with his peeling skills, and said, “I think I am quite good at taking things off.”

Hearing this, the studio could not hold back their laughter, while Kim So Eun showed no reaction to her husband’s latest questionable joke.

Song Jae Rim continued, “I am also good at stripping chicken,” but finally returned to enjoying the meal.

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