Super Junior-M’s Henry Reveals How Many Girlfriends He Has Had on “Real Men”

2014-11-16 07:27:21 2014-11-16 07:27:21

Super Junior-M’s Henry has recently revealed how many girlfriends he has had on the latest episode of the MBC variety program, Real Men.”

On the November 16 episode of “Real Men,” the soldiers went out of the barracks after dinner to teach the elementary school students living nearby English and Mathematics.

Henry and K.Will went together and taught English to some students. Henry, who acted as the English teacher of the kids, took some questions from one of the students who got curious and asked him how many girlfriends he has had. Henry revealed, “I have had only one girlfriend ever.”

The children were so curious about Henry that they continued asking him questions about his first and only relationship so far. Henry continued, “I first had a girlfriend when I was in middle school. Among the 2000 students, I only looked at her.”

K. Will joined in the fun and asked Henry a question as well. “Which part of her was prettiest?,” K.Will asked. “Her smiling eyes were pretty,” Henry continued. Even while his face began turning red as he reminisces his young love, Henry continued talking about his first girlfriend until the students were satisfied with his answers.

Finally, Henry finished talking about his love affairs and closed the conversation with, “(But) right now, we have broken up. I don’t have a girlfriend. I am find…ing.”

Good luck with your search, Henry! ㅋㅋ