Yoon Hoo Reveals He Has A Soft Spot for Animals on “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

2014-11-16 06:35:39 2014-11-16 06:35:39
Yoon Hoo

The adorable son of Yoon Min Soo, Yoon Hoo, made a lot of viewers go “awwww” on the November 16 broadast of the MBC variety show, “Dad! Where Are We Going?”

On this episode of “Dad! Where Are We Going?,” Yoon Hoo visited a pet shelter together with his dad and did some volunteer work. Here, Yoon Hoo met the cute little puppy Hayang.

Upon entering the pet shelter, Yoon Hoo was a bit nervous and maybe even scared of the animals. However, when he met the puppy Hayang and saw how friendly and innocent the puppy is, he slowly opened up to her and naturally showed his caring side. “Who could have thrown you away?,” said Yoon Hoo to Hayang who couldn’t believe that such a sweet puppy would be in a shelter.

Apart from cleaning the shelters, Yoon Hoo also personally helped in washing up Hayang and showed his passion in caring for animals. After, Yoon Hoo looked at Hayang and said, “What can I do when you’re this kind? We have to take you in. Your eyes are beautiful like our family’s.”

While referring to Hayang, Yoon Hoo asked, “Is this one also neglected? I also pity the other dogs. Somehow, I’ll take care of you. I will never neglect you.”

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