5urprise Releases “From My Heart” Music Video Featuring Kim Sae Ron

2014-11-17 21:19:37 2014-11-17 23:06:19

Actor-singer idol group 5urprise has dropped a music video for the song “From My Heart.” The track is the lead song from the single album “5urprise 1st Single.” The single album is now available as a digital download.

The video features an appearance from teenage actress Kim Sae Ron, the star of movies such as “A Brand New Life,” “The Man from Nowhere” and 2014 film “A Girl at My Door.” Kim Sae Ron and 5urprise are both on the roster of talent agency Fantagio.

The track was penned by renowned hitmaker Cho Yong Soo, who has previously written music for the likes of SS501, Hong Jin Young, T-ara and Orange Caramel. The lyrics were composed by Kim Ee Na, who has written material for the likes of Brown Eyed Girls and Sunny Hill.

5urprise performed at an anniversary concert in Hong Kong in August this year, and is slated to embark upon a tour of Asia on December 28. The tour will see the group play at venues in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and elsewhere on the continent.


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    “5urprise” was spelled as “5urpirse” in the title and throughout the article — please watch out for that. actually it looks like their name might be “5urpr!se,” which is… i can’t even start.

    also, possessive pronouns should be capitalized in titles — my, your, etc.