Lee Hyun Woo Reveals He Decided to Appear in “The Technicians” Because of Kim Woo Bin

2014-11-17 20:15:13 2014-11-17 20:15:13

Actor Lee Hyun Woo revealed that he decided to appear in the upcoming heist movie “The Technicians” after hearing that Kim Woo Bin will also be starring in the film.

The press conference for “The Technicians” took place on November 18, with the main cast in attendance.

Lee Hyun Woo, who plays a genius hacker in the “The Technicians,” talked about how he decided to join the cast after hearing about Kim Woo Bin. “When I heard Kim Woo Bin hyung was cast, I signed on without a second thought. We first met through the drama ‘To the Beautiful You.’ It was a short period of time but I really enjoyed it. We remained in touch after that and I really liked his movie ‘Friends 2‘ too.”

He also added, “Kim Woo Bin hyung is such a nice person.”

“The Technicians” will open in theaters on December 24.