New Stills of Luhan in Chinese “Miss Granny” Remake Released

2014-11-17 20:46:32 2014-11-17 20:46:32

New stills of Luhan in the upcoming Chinese remake of Korean film “Miss Granny” were released.

The “Miss Granny” remake released these photos to its official Weibo account on November 17. In the stills, Luhan can be seen riding a bicycle.

The Chinese remake, titled “Middle Twenties,” will tell a similar story to the original film, where a 70 year-old woman finds herself 50 years younger after visiting a magical photo shop. Luhan will portray the role of her grandson. In the Korean “Miss Granny,” Jinyoung of B1A4 played the same role.

The director of the upcoming film highly praised Luhan, as he said, “Luhan is very polite and has a natural way of speaking on camera. He will become a great actor.”

Luhan’s “Middle Twenties” will open in theaters in China on January 15.

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