“Doctor Frost” Song Chang Ui: “I Had to Bleach My Hair Five Times”

2014-11-18 05:51:03 2014-11-18 05:51:03

Actor Song Chang Ui has confessed that transforming his hair for the role of Frost was not exactly a piece of cake.

On November 18, the press conference of OCN’s upcoming drama, “Doctor Frost,” was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul. In addition to the male lead Song Chang Ui, cast members Jung Eun Chae, Sung Ji Roo, and Lee Yoon Ji participated in the event.

Regarding his new hairstyle, Song Chang Ui revealed, “Achieving white hair was burdensome. I bleached my hair five times in two days. Because of that, my hair began to fall off. To solve the situation, I wore a wig. Whenever it was windy on set, I had trouble [keeping the hair in place].”

“I put great effort into my appearance,” the actor added. In addition to dying his hair, Song Chang Ui lost a noticeable amount of weight for the role.

Meanwhile, “Doctor Frost” will premiere on November 23.