Kim Woo Bin Reveals He Used to Be a Diligent Student

2014-11-18 02:29:36 2014-11-18 02:29:36

Actor Kim Woo Bin has revealed he used to focus his energy on studying before his modeling career took off.

On November 18, the actor and other stars of “The Technicians” attended the press conference of the upcoming action film.

Kim Woo Bin, who plays the safe-hacker Ji Hyuk, admitted that the preparations for the challenging role took their toll on him, “Physically, it was difficult. However, director Kim Hong Sun directed us well, and Go Chang Suk helped me too, so I was able to overcome [the challenges].”

When asked if he prefers using his head or body, the actor replied, “Usually, I choose to use my head over my body. I actually studied hard until middle school, and after that, I studied subjects that I was interested in.”

In the past, Kim Woo Bin has expressed his diligent nature by sending a hand-written letter to his high school teacher. The actor’s flawless attendance record and academic awards have also impressed his fans.

“The Technicians” premieres on December 24.